Wipe 'n Clear® Pre-Moistened Lens Wipes

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Flents® Wipe 'n Clear® Lens Wipes is just what you need if you have appliances with delicate screens. You can use it on computer screens, screens on DVD/CD or MP3 players, and your eyeglass lenses. It effectively removes dust, improving the cleanliness of your devices. This pack has 20 individually wrapped wipes, so opening the pack does not affect each wipe. When you want to use it, just remove the wrapping and use it on the screen. Each wipe is extra large, allowing you to use it over greater areas. Individually wrapped Extra large wipes Removes filth from screens Use these pre-moistened lenses wipes on a whole range of screens, even on your eyeglasses to see clearly.

  • Lens and glasses cleaner can also be used to clean off dirt, dust or other grime
  • Portable boxes of individually wrapped lens wipes
  • Softer wipes for gentle and easy cleaning
  • Anti-Streak
  • Fast-drying formula