Unit Dose Cold Seal Kit

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The Ezy Dose 31 Day disposable pill or vitamin Planner starter kit is the perfect solution for both medication users or caregivers. Organize up to 31 days of medication with the disposable card and blister. Pills or vitamins are clearly visible through the clear blister and are punched through the cards foil backing when dispensed making it easy to see if the medication has been taken. Additionally, each card has space to record the medication type, strength, directions, and expiration date.

The starter kit includes: 1 card and blister, a sealing tray, and a sealing roller.

    Apothecary Products Cold Seal Unit Dose System:

    • Economical and efficient
    • Uses less storage space
    • Innovative no-fold design
    • No electronic equipment needed
    • Vital for heat-sensitive medications
    • Lightweight, durable tray

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      Manufacturer SKU: 70246