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Ezy Dose® Weekly 4x a Day Med-Control Tray

Part Number:   67771

Inner Quantity: 3

Ezy Dose

Short Description

Organize your medication for a week, then take just the right daily doses in a pocket or purse. Each compartment pops out by pushing with a finger from below.


• Each compartment holds 28 aspirin tablets
• See-through design lets you see each compartment without opening
• Each compartment fits snugly in its own slot and pushes out from below


Weekly, 4 Times a Day

    weekly 7 day pill planner
    Weekly 4x/Day Med-Control Tray
    pop out daily compartments
    daily compartments sit in tray
    front packaging ezy dose weekly medtime planner
    back packaging ezy dose 4 times a day pill planner