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Ezy Dose Kids® Nose-Pals Nasal Aspirator

Part Number : 70052

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Ezy Dose

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Ezy Dose® Kids offers convenient solutions that help you provide care and comfort to your family. Nose-Pals is a reusable, non-invasive nasal aspirator that allows the user to gently remove mucus and helps relieve a baby's stuffy nose.


• Patent-pending one-way valve
• No transfer of mucus from baby to you
• Allows you to BLOW OUT to create suction
• Apothecary Products confirms that Bisphenol A (BPA) is not intentionally added during manufacturing of these products.
• Collection chamber:
o Disposable
o Recyclable
o No filters needed
o Safe, non-invasive chamber tip
o Collection chamber refills sold separately - item number 70086

    Ezy Dose Kids Nose-Pals Nasal Aspirator system
    Ezy Dose Kids Nose-Pals Nasal Aspirator
    Ezy Dose Kids® Nose-Pals Nasal Aspirator