Ezy Dose® Easy Fill Weekly Medtime Planner® (XL)

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Never miss another dose with the Ezy Dose® Pill Organizer. This weekly pill organizer is perfect for scheduling frequent doses of your week's medication.  Its spacious compartments are simple to use and help you keep track of your medication through the week.  Its contoured bottoms make removing medication simple. Each day has 4 compartments for planning frequent daily doses. The bottom tray can be fully opened when refilling the planner. 


  • AM/PM compartments help you to easily plan and distribute your daily doses
  • Rounded bottoms make pill organizer easy to open and medication easy to retrieve
  • Holds up to 30 pills per compartment (aspirin-sized)
  • Quality design, Built to withstand repeated use
  • Apothecary Products confirms that Bisphenol A (BPA) is not intentionally added during manufacturing of these products. 

Directions to fill organizer:

  • Turn over organizer, bottom facing up
  • Lift tab on bottom to open entire organizer
  • Place pills in appropriate labeled compartments
  • The am and pm will be reversed when filling. Each compartment is labeled to guide correct placement.
  • Close bottom compartment securely before turning over

Manufacturer SKU: 67706A