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Ezy Dose® Unit Dose Cold Seal Blister (28-Dose 2XL)

Part Number : 97625

Inner Quantity :250

Ezy Dose

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Ezy Dose® 28-Dose 2XL Cold Seal Blisters are wider and deeper with greater sized openings to let you organize smaller or larger multiple medications for pill dispensing convenience that encourages medication schedule adherence. These are designed to work with the complete Unit Dose System as part of the full line of prescription fulfillment offerings.


• 2XL blisters are 3/4" deep
• To be used with unit dose card 97612
• Recommend sealing with a pressure roller (97599) and 2XL Sealing Tray (97667)

    28-Dose 2XL Blister Cards- 250 CT | Apothecary Products
    28-Dose 2XL Blister Cards- 500 CT | Apothecary Products
    Ezy Dose® Unit Dose Cold Seal Blister (28-Dose 2XL)
    Ezy Dose® Unit Dose Cold Seal Blister (28-Dose 2XL)