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Flents® PROTECHS™ Disposable Mask Liners

Part Number:   70342EA

Inner Quantity: 1


Short Description

Flents® Mask Liners are water repellent and non-woven to help block particles that can slip through your face mask. Research shows that adding a filter to face masks may offer extra protection to the wearer, instead of just those nearby.


• Individually wrapped
• Water repellent
• Disposable

Fitting Instructions:
1. Remove adhesive tabs to secure in mask and place in area to cover mouth and nose area.
2. Remove liner and dispose after use.
3.To be used with a mask for added protection* (*mask sold separately)

Additional Information:
When properly worn, it reduces potential contact by the wearer to particles and dust.
This product does not eliminate the risk of contracting and disease or infection.

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