Pioneer Analytical and Precision Balance

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Pioneer Analytical and Precision Balance includes:
  • Easy to Clean Analytical Draftshield - Designed with all glass panels, including three sliding doors. All panels are easy to remove and replace, and together with a stainless steel bottom, make it fast and easy to clean.
  • Bright backlit LCD display- Enables optimal viewing of results in various lighting conditions.
  • Selectable Environmental Settings - Three filter modes and adjustable zero tracking adjust balance sensitivity to environmental disturbances or application requirements.
  • 160g Capacity
  • 1 mg Readability
  • 1 mg Repeatability
  • 2 mg Linearity
  • Weighing units (mg, g, ct, oz, dwt, tical, tola, mommes, baht, grain, mesghal, Newton, ozt, custom unit)
  • 4.72" Platform size
  • Cal Weight-Span - 100, 150g
  • Operating Conditions: 50 to104 degrees F
  • Dimensions - 7.7 x 11.3 x 12.6
  • Weight - 10 lbs