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Flents® Universal Finger Splint

Part Number:   70188

Inner Quantity: 6


Short Description

Our top quality splints immobilize and protect injured fingers. Malleable aluminum alloy adjusts to different finger sizes. Boxed for shelf or J-peg.


• Stainless steel superior strength.
• Pliable to shape.
• High quality appearance.
• Easy to clean and hygienic.
• A high resistance to corrosion.
• Customized fit for better protection.
• Adjusts to all fingers.
• Adjustable straps eliminate the need for messy tape.

    Person wearing finger splint
    Universal finger splint
    Front packaging of finger splint with strap
    Back packaging of finger splint
    Finger splint components
    Flents finger splint is made of stainless steel, is pliable, easy to clean