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Flents® PROTECHS™ Ear Plugs for MUSIC

Part Number:   68053

Inner Quantity: 6


Short Description

PROTECHS™ Ear Plugs for MUSIC are reusable and provide decibel reduction without blocking out the music completely.


• Musicians have known for a long time that excessively loud noise can be damaging. It's best to keep decibels below 85, but most concerts are louder than 90 decibels.
• Independently Tested NRR 27 gives protection in most noisy environments
• Reduces a 100 decibel concert to 73 (under the recommended 85 decibel limit)
• Easy grip handle lets earplugs easily slip into ear
• Air bubble in tip provides cushioned comfort
• Earplugs can be washed and reused
• 100% PVC-Free
• 1 pair with gray storage case

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PROTECHS™ Ear Plugs for MUSIC package