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Flents® Curved Insty Splint® (3")

Part Number : 97478

Inner Quantity :6


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This splint has a rigid but moldable frame that allows you to shape the brace for your comfort. The splint has an extended frame to protect the tip of your finger. Durable stainless steel splint with padding is easy to apply and remove; no tape required.


• This finger splint has an extended aluminum frame that protects the tip of your finger
• Stainless steel frame molds to fit your fingers shape for maximum comfort
• Finger splint has comfortable foam padding that fits comfortably on your finger
• Splint firmly secures and immobilizes your finger without tape
• Perfect for immobilizing breaks and sprains while they heal
• Size Medium

    Curved Insty Splint
    Insty Splint in package