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Ezy Dose® Push-Button Medtime Planner®

Part Number:   67583

Ezy Dose

Short Description

Our pharmacist-designed, award-winning Push Button Pill Planners were created to make staying adherent even easier with a large button that pops open each compartment. This weekly pill organizer is perfect for scheduling frequent doses of your week's medication.


• 2XL compartments hold up to 20 aspirin tablets
• 2XL Dimensions: L: 8 3/4” W: 7 1/2” H: 1”
• 3XL compartments hold up to 90 aspirin tablets
• 3XL Dimensions: L: 12 ¼" W: 9 ½" H: 1 ½"
• Great for customers taking multiple larger medications and/or vitamins that need to be taken up to four-times-a-day
• Larger push buttons soften the effort needed to open compartments
• Four silicone "feet" secure the planner to the counter for one-handed opening access
• Contoured scoop bottom for easy removal with fingertips
• Translucent lids for easy pill identification
• Bold, dark, large capitalized lettering for easier compartment identification
• New button colors: morning = yellow, light blue = noon, bright green = evening, bedtime = purple
• Clam shell packaging for hanging display
• Easy to open push-button lids for those with arthritis or dexterity issues
• Apothecary Products confirms that Bisphenol A (BPA) is not intentionally added during manufacturing of these products.


Wash before initial use with warm, soapy water. Rinse and allow to dry completely before using.


Weekly, 4 Times a Day

    2XL Push Button Medtime Planner®
    Push Button Medtime Planner® with open compartment
    Weekly Medtime pill organizer is easy to open, large push buttons make it simple to open lids and retrieve medications
    Push Button on Medtime Planner®
    2XL pill organizer dimensions
    2XL pill capacity
    Push Button Medtime Planner®
    Ezy Dose Push button pill organizers are endorsed by the Arthritis Foundation
    3XL Push Button Medtime Planner®