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Ezy Dose® Oto-Scoop - Ear Wax Removal

Part Number:   400928A

Inner Quantity: 6

Ezy Dose

Short Description

Ezy Dose® Self-Care provides convenient solutions that simplify taking care of yourself and the ones you love. Ezy Dose Oto-scoop ear wax removal tool is a safe and simple way to remove excess ear wax from ears. The patented flexing tip is designed to scoop wax out and the safety guard protects the eardrum from over insertion. Easy to clean and reusable.


• Protects ear drum for adults and kids alike
• The Oto-Scoop features a patented flexing tip designed to scoop wax out safely and easily
• Oto-Scoop can be used time and time again and is easy to clean
• Quality design, Built to withstand repeated use
• Safety guard protects ear drum for adults and kids alike
• Easy to clean and reusable

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    bulk oto scoop earwax remover
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