Ezy Dose® Original Pill Cutter with Storage

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Stainless steel blade cuts pills in half for easier swallowing or smaller doses.
  • The tablet splitters compact design allows for discrete storage and easy transportation
  • Steel blade is durable and easily splits pills and tablets
  • Designed to cut and split medication effortlessly with little pressure applied by the user
  • Product includes daily dose planner which has 3 compartments and compact design that easily fits your pocket
  • Great for travel or at home.
  • Assorted colors


  • Place pill in v-shaped holder
  • Close cover to cut pill
  • Remove cut half of pill from dispensing tray
  • Close cover and store in closed position
  • Note: Enteric-coated tablets are intended to be swallowed whole and should never be cut before taking


  • Wash prior to first use with warm, soapy water
  • Rinse and let dry before using
  • Repeat as needed to remove pill residue from cutter


  • Keep out of reach of children


  • Blade is very sharp
  • Always avoid direct contact with blade
  • Discard product when blade is not providing optimal performance