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Ezy Dose® Oral Syringe

Part Number:   77503

Ezy Dose

Short Description

The Oral Syringe is part of the complete set of liquid dosing aids to help your pharmacy run with efficiency. Deliver the correct dose of liquid medication comfortably with this easy to use oral syringe with both teaspoon and millimeter calibration.


• Tip is small enough to fit into the mouths of babies, small children, and pets
• Latex-free, pyrogen-free, and made of medical grade plastic
• Dose medication from 1 mL to 10 mL
• Syringes do not utilize a rubber grommet
• Apothecary Products offers custom imprints on the Oral Syringes

    Kids Oral Syringe 10mL | Apothecary Products
    Kids Oral Syringe 1mL | Apothecary Products
    Kids Oral Syringe 10mL custom imprint | Apothecary Products
    Kids Oral Syringe 5 mL
    Ezy Dose® Oral Syringe