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Flents® Eyewear Repair Kit & Magnifier

Part Number:   F414-580

Inner Quantity :6


Short Description

Handy size for purse or car includes eyeglass repair kit in a carrying case and a magnifier. The compact carrying case makes this product perfect for on the go or emergency repairs.


• Spare screws work with a majority of domestic and foreign frames, screwdriver included
• Compact carrying case for repair components make this product perfect for on the go or emergency repairs
• Magnifying glass included to help with visibility during the repair process
• Simple components make repairing your eye wear easy
• Product has a quality design for repeated use

Kit Includes:
• Eyeglass screwdriver
• Spare hinge screws to fit most domestic and foreign frames
• Protective carrying case
• Magnifier

    Eyewear Repair Kit & Magnifier Lens
    Eyewear Repair Kit & Magnifier