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Ezy Dose® Amber Oval Pharmacy Bottle 2 oz

Part Number:   30680

Ezy Dose

Short Description

The classic oval chemist bottles meet FDA standards for child-resistant lids that are also senior-friendly. The Amber Ovals meet USP 671 standard for light protection and moisture permeation and are designed to prevent spilling of both liquid and solid medications with a graduated neck, which fits the Ezy Dose Bottle Adapter flanges.


• Ezy Dose® Amber Oval Pharmacy Bottle: This 2 oz bottle combines functionality with a classic amber hue, ideal for preserving light-sensitive contents.
• 2 oz: 132/case
• Premium UV Protection: The amber color of the bottle provides superior ultraviolet (UV) protection, safeguarding the potency and quality of medications, essential oils, or other light-sensitive substances.
• Secure Screw Cap: Equipped with a secure screw cap closure, ensuring a tight seal to prevent leaks and maintain the integrity of the contents.
• Versatile Design: The oval shape of the bottle offers an ergonomic grip and fits comfortably in your hand, making it easy to dispense and handle liquids or pills.
• Multiple Uses: Perfect for storing and organizing medications, vitamins, supplements, herbal extracts, or even small craft supplies in a convenient 2 oz size.

    2oz amber oval pharmacy/chemist bottle | Apothecary Products
    Set of amber oval pharmacy/chemist bottles | Apothecary Products
    The amber color protects medication from harmful UV rays and has a child resistant cap
    Available in multiple sizes, 2 oz
    Ezy Dose® Amber Oval Pharmacy Bottle 2 oz
    Dimensions of 2 oz amber oval bottle